Tips on brushing your skin

You may already know that the skin is our largest detox organ. That said, the primary way your skin gets rid of toxins in sweat. You can expect to break sweat better by engaging in some cardiovascular exercise and steam baths. However, you should also know that sweating is not the only way your body eliminates toxins. Brushing off dry skin is also very helpful to get rid of unwanted substances off your skin. Your body will make a new layer of skin pretty much every 24 hours. As a result of brushing away your top dead layer of skin, you can let that new layer of skin come to the surface. In addition to that, skin brushing becomes helpful to promote healthy blood flow and boost your lymph system. 

Let’s focus on some important tips for brushing your skin 

The most important thing is to have a quality exfoliating shower brush. They are available in pretty much any health store. However, it will be more convenient for you to buy a shower brush online

It is always better to go for a brush that is made with natural materials such as wood. In addition to that, the brush you choose must come with a long handle as well so that makes you reach the back easily. The best time to brush your skin is right before the shower. You can start to brush from the feet and towards the legs. Then, you can brush the hands and then the upper arms. 

Finish brushing with torso and front and back regions. Be sure to avoid highly sensitive areas and the areas that may have open skin. Generally, your movements when brushing should be toward the heart. That will help to stimulate the blood flow. Also, brushing should not take more than a couple of minutes. Also, doing it once a day is good enough. Once you have done brushing, you may notice that you can use less soap in the shower compared to other days.  Please note that you will have to buy a softer and gentler brush for your face.

Once the brushing is over, you will feel particularly clean. Also, you can notice a significant difference in terms of healthy feelings and appearance. When you do the brush for a pretty long period, that will help reducing cellulite as well as varicose veins. In order to experience some more benefits, you should apply 100% pure raw coconut oil right after the shower. Pure coconut oil has the ability to nourish the skin and keep it hydrated. Also, it has natural properties to rejuvenate it. 

Basically, brushing your skin every day is a very healthy and effective habit. This specific practice gives a cleaner look, perfect cleanse, and a very useful detox to your skin. With brushing, you can expect your skin to eliminate more toxins. Also, it can support your healing process. So, in general, it is a healthier and cleaner practice for any individual.